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Web Programming

常用工具,基礎知識包括 HTML、CSS、JavaScript、Networking 入門名詞,進階知識包括 Web Framework 入門名詞。


Front-end vs Back-end web Architecture 101 CGI WSGI Web Framework, Internet, Web Browser, DNS  how browser rendering works behind the scenes

codecademy: Learn JavaScript

Submit HTML Form on Self Page

Chrome DevTools Extensions

Resend the XHR request

WhatFont, Pesticide, Colorzilla, CSS Peeper, Wappalyzer, React Dev Tools, Redux Dev Tools, JSON Formatter, Vimeo Repeat and Speed

Visual Studio Code Extensions

Web Design Effects

CSS Only 3D Car Animation

iPhone4 HTML Video + CSS 3D

Scroll to Zoom through 3D SVG Landscape

Slide: FHM footer example

Spot Light Effect jQuery implement

Hexagon Menu Live CSS Blur

Full Screen Videos, Page Introduction Animations: Tool

Web Components

透過 shadow DOM 可以創建 sub DOM tree, 引入第三方組件時, 不用擔心影響舊有功能: example