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Plone 5 Released

A completely redefined theme and user interface, with improvements on usability and accessibility, is just the first impression that this new Plone provides.

PLOG 2013

PLOG (Plone Open Garden) is the Plone meeting that, like a good espresso, best matches the definition of "italian style".

Plone Open Garden 2013 is hosted by Abstract in Italy.

The agenda includes Speakers' Corner Program and lots of inspiring sprints and discussions.

Since 2007, people innovate Plone around-the-clock in a fabulous high end hotel, brainstorming by the pool in its mediterranean garden and sprinting in its meeting rooms.

Plone 4.3 Alpha Release

Plone 4.3 is a version much feature completed that getting Dexterity shipped and old modules removed.

Improvement proposals included in this release:

  • #8699 ( Make byline use the publication date if it exists
  • #10959 ( API for password validation policy
  • #11773 ( Ship with Dexterity
  • #11838 ( Add z3c support to
  • #12110 ( Plain text searches ignore accents
  • #12227 ( In-Plone theme editor
  • #12235 ( Unified batch implementaion
  • #12776 ( Removing kupu completely from plone
  • #12844 ( Switch to new version of TinyMCE
  • #13101 ( Update to DateTime 3

Plone 4.3 no longer pulls in a bunch of* packages that it doesn't actually need. If you're using an add-on that does need things from* packages, that add-on should either declare the dependency itself, or very likely it can be easily adjusted to no longer have the dependency. In this case it is probably an import of getSite, which should now be from zope.component.hooks instead of

KSS is about to be removed.

Also worth reading: Ten Lesser Known Improvements in Plone 4

In-Plone Theme Editor

A through-the-web editor for Diazo/ customization is discussed and developed. The goal is to make Plone the world's easiest CMS to theme.
In-Plone Theme Editor

Diazo Concept

It is a significant milestone that is included in Plone 4.2, but creating themes and uploading as zip files is not an effective way to create a new theme. A sensible environment is needed in which designers and administrators can create themes without filesystem access or knowledge of Buildout or Python, whilst still allowing them to reuse and download/distribute (via zip files) themes or progress to filesystem development.

PLIP 1227 describes this needs, and the core work is a theme editor expected to be included in Plone 4.3. The discussion and development work keeps going. Hopefully amazing results will arrive soon.

Plone's Theme Editor from Eric Steele on Vimeo.

Build Web Apps Having Fun

Andrew Mleczko 在 EuroPython 2011 介紹 Plone 和 Pyramid 的整合案例。

Andrew Mleczko 是義大利 RedTurtle 公司的工程師,在 EuroPython 2011 的 How to Build Complex Web Applications Having Fun? 講題裡,他介紹了 Plone 與 Pyramid 整合案例,讓 Plone 負責內容管理,再由 Pyramid 負責垂直功能的開發。



Pyramid CRUD Sprint

plone4_buildout Template

ZopeSkel 2.19 releases on pypi and, including shiny new plone4_buildout template.

Templer is the successor of ZopeSkel. templer.core beta release is the first step in the breakup of the ZopeSkel package into a number of smaller and more easily managed packages. ZopeSkel is a collection of skeletons for quickstarting Zope and Plone projects. The templer.core package contains basic namespace, nested namespace and recipe templates and the zopeskel script.

The plone4_buildout recipe results in a self-contained version of ZopeSkel installed via the buildout method described above. It thus provides the zopeskel and paster commands inside its bin folder.

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New Plumi Release

This release is primarily focused on rebasing Plumi on Plone 4.

Plumi is a Free Software video sharing Content Management System based on Plone and produced by EngageMedia.

In addition to other improvements and re-factoring of Plumi, this release includes new production and development buildouts located inside the egg, updating the caching system, cleanup of installation code and moving parts to GenericSetup, replacing older products with newer and better maintained products or removing dependencies and other improvements.

See Plumi demo site for its step-by-step content editing, flowplay display view, and multilingual support.

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Ubuntu Package for Plone

Enfold Systems helps to get a running Plone packages from Ubuntu.

Here are the steps:

    1. Adding Enfold Systems GPG public key to apt-get configuration


apt-key add ./pubkey.gpg

    1. Adding repository information

vi /etc/apt-get/sources.list

deb lucid universe

    1. Update apt-get database

apt-get update

    1. Install Plone demo site

apt-get install plone40-demo

Original message is at

Tropo Mashing up Demo

Tropo is a developer platform for all things communication. You can see the mashing up demo and try their Python Web API library.

Moveable Weather is a free web app with Tropo, for people to call a special phone number and get their local wether read to them. They can then hop in the car, drive 500 miles down the highway, call the same number, and get the updated wether. Tropo provides the Python Web API library for developers to work with Google App Engine.

Original message is at The Tropo Blog.