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Plone 4.3 Alpha Release

Plone 4.3 is a version much feature completed that getting Dexterity shipped and old modules removed.

Improvement proposals included in this release:

  • #8699 ( Make byline use the publication date if it exists
  • #10959 ( API for password validation policy
  • #11773 ( Ship with Dexterity
  • #11838 ( Add z3c support to
  • #12110 ( Plain text searches ignore accents
  • #12227 ( In-Plone theme editor
  • #12235 ( Unified batch implementaion
  • #12776 ( Removing kupu completely from plone
  • #12844 ( Switch to new version of TinyMCE
  • #13101 ( Update to DateTime 3

Plone 4.3 no longer pulls in a bunch of* packages that it doesn't actually need. If you're using an add-on that does need things from* packages, that add-on should either declare the dependency itself, or very likely it can be easily adjusted to no longer have the dependency. In this case it is probably an import of getSite, which should now be from zope.component.hooks instead of

KSS is about to be removed.

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