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Understanding CMFEditions 舊版只提供 API 但沒有管理介面,造成刪除物件時,並不會一併清除版本記錄,在 Plone 5.x 之後改為預設會刪除

版本管理的功能以 CMF 為基礎,至少有三個相關模組: collective.cmfeditionsdexteritycompat collective.dexteritydiff

Archetypes 與 Dexterity 的 relation 早期使用不同的 UID 機制

Both Products.CMFEditions and Products.CMFUid define a Generic Setup default profile with a catalog step (catalog.xml) that creates the cmf_uid index. However, every time one of these products gets reinstalled, the index is recreated and its contents are lost. Products.GenericSetup 1.7.4 onwards should handle this issue.

Set UID for Dexterity 刪除 Annotation

    repo_tool = getToolByName(obj, "portal_repository")
    if not repo_tool.isVersionable(obj):
    history = repo_tool.getHistoryMetadata(obj)
    if not history:
    length = history.getLength(countPurged=False)
    for i in xrange(length - 1, -1, -1):
            version = repo_tool.retrieve(obj, i)
            annotations = IAnnotations(version.object)
            del annotations[KEY_TO_DELETE]
        except POSKeyError:

ImageField, AttributeStorage, and Maximum Recursion Depth Error maxNumberOfVersionsToKeep


Versioning History for All Members

Versioning does not work for fields using AnnotationStorage on folderish types

CMFEditions Comparison between Revisions for Custom Type

isObjectChanged isObjectVersioned

File Type: Known Issue Custom Content Types

Dexterity Content Types: StackOverflow

the method for diff_type lookup is limited

Working Copy Support Makes ZODB Bloat? Empty Blob Files: collective.cover

Allow Disabling Versioning per Content Item


Purging All Old Versions

ZODB strip versions

deleted item

Import / Export

Dexterity Behavior Migration

Access Attributes of the Fields from a Behavior

Dexterity Content Type with Working Copy Iterate and Workflow

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