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Robot Captcha shows instructions both plone.formwidget.captcha and plone.formwidget.recaptcha. 不相容 collective.recaptcha 相容 quintagroup.plonecaptcha

collective.recaptcha + contact form

<tal:block tal:replace="structure
  context/@@captcha/image_tag" />
    # Re-captcha validation
    if not context.restrictedTraverse('@@captcha').verify():
        context.plone_utils.addPortalMessage(_(u'You entered
            an invalid captcha.'), 'error')
        return state.set(status='failure')
        return state

captcha collective.registrationcaptcha ImportError: cannot import name UserDataPanelAdapter collective.captchacontactinfo captcha for User Registration From (@@register)


設定畫面 example