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Issues to be taken care of among Python, Zope and Plone.

查詢 .pt 或 .cpt 在系統裡的使用狀況

Add Tox / Travis Testing Before Claiming Python 3 Compatibility.


zLOG: Pytthon 2.7 does not have Exception.with_traceback either. Python 3 compatibility.

zope.password: Note Explicit Support for Python 3.5


collective.formcriteria: <include file="deprecated.zcml" />

deprecated(ImageTile, 'ImageTile is now deprecated and will be removed in XX version.')

Dexterity Behavior: collective.autopublishing

Javascript / CSS Resources Moved to Resource Registry: collective.geo.openlayers collective.geo.mapwidget Products.PloneSurvey editIsDiscussable AttributeError

Archetypes: Products.PloneKeywordManager

collective.portlet.tal Plone5 getSectionFromURL depreciated, plone_view instead:

plone_view context/@@plone
plone_view.bodyClass)template, view)

Configlet Ported to RegistryEditForm: webcouturier.dropdownmenu

Testing: collective.geo.behaviour

eea.faceted.vocabularies Plone5 eea.annotator Plone5 + Plone4 JS/CSS registry