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Administration Management


admin user restore


The cmf.ManagePortal permission is not defined. This error can happen, depending on the order in which the zcml of packages is loaded. Solution: add <include package="Products.CMFCore" /> in collective/js/cycle2/configure.zcml before using this permission.

Conditional Dependency

<include package=".tiles" zcml:condition="installed collective.cover" />

example: eea.annotator

 class AddForm(PloneAddForm):
-    form_fields = form.FormFields(IAnnotatorAction)
+    schema = IAnnotatorAction
     label = u"Add Inline Comments action"
     form_name = u"Enable/Disable inline comments"

Canonical Way to Create Tabs for Control Panel

UserRole Configurable

iw.rejectanonymous 針對私有網站取消 Personal Bar 顯示