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JavaScript Frameworks

benchmark comparison ES6 Angular vs React angular-vs-react-vs-vue which-is-the-best-choice-for-2020 Primitive vs Reference Data Types: Referenced by Value vs Point to Memory Addresses

Boolean, Number, String, Null, Undefined, Symbol vs Object, Array

比較: 2017/09/05 ES6 Vanilla Components ES6 Guide

mount() [
  this.$nextTick(() => {

More Functional JavaScript

Remove Array Duplicates in ES6


Google Analytics: GTM (Google Tag Manager)

Pass Agument to Filter 常見錯誤

Hooks: Vue.js vs React.js

html2canvas 處理 src="http://xxxxx" 這種網路上的圖片的時候會是空的 加 allowTaint=true 會出現 DOM exception : 先把圖片轉成base64塞回去img src,用promise確定全部圖片都已轉完後,再呼叫 html2canvas 轉出


System Info App


v5 to v6: v6 需要 Node.js v8

Why TypeScript

TypeScript Course for Beginner