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redis firebase



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firebase python module tutorial plone_demo portlet

Pyrebase Integration Tutorial

import pyrebase
config = {
  "apiKey": "apiKey",
  "authDomain": "",
  "databaseURL": "",
  "storageBucket": "",
  "serviceAccount": "path/to/serviceAccountCredentials.json"
firebase = pyrebase.initialize_app(config)

The Definitive Guide to Firebase: Build Android Apps on Google's Mobile Platform - Real-World Example: Handling Zoomable Images

import deepzoom

SOURCE = "sk10x10-3.png"
creator = deepzoom.ImageCreator(tile_size=128, tile_overlap=2, tile_format="png", image_quality=0.8, resize_filter="bicubic")

creator.create(SOURCE, "sk.dzi")

Promises JavaScript

Hosting: custom domain

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