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NPO 網站改造觀摩賽,併同 ICOS 2009 舉行,在科技大樓進行開幕及成果展示,在中研院資訊所進行比賽。
When Sep 25, 2009 03:00 PM to
Sep 27, 2009 10:30 PM
Where Taipei
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NPO 網站改造觀摩賽

CMS Showdown for NPO 是個網站改造的觀摩賽,構想仿自「全能住宅改造王」,由 charlesc 開頭籌辦,招募 NPO 團體報名,並訪談 NPO 的需求,最後由 Joomla, Drupal, Plone 組隊實作。活動和 ICOS 2009 同步舉行。

Event Report

  • Title: CMS Showdown for NPO at ICOS09 in Taiwan
  • Date: 2009/10/14
  • URL:

Report on CMS Showdown for NPO

Inspired by "the SXSW Showdown on CMS [1]," charlesc, a Drupal folk in Taiwan, organizes a similiar event called "Open Source CMS Showdown for NPO." This is a joint event held in the ICOS 2009, a conference by Software Liberty Association of Taiwan [2].

The whole story begins with a call for participation on mid June. Plone, Joomla and Drupal (LifeType quits on early September) are the CMS teams. These CMS teams are paired with the NPOs, who put their needs into website specs. The goal is to demonstrate CMS features and to foster interaction among open source communities and non-profit organizations.

The participating NPOs are Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation, Taipei Family Caregiver Association, and Se Den Society Foundation. They go through at least five workshops coordinated by Frontier Foundation, to work on the requirement specs. The CMS teams have to implement as many as possible the specs within non-stop 12 hours to meet the NPO needs. The facilities for teams are sponsored by IIS Academia Sinica and OpenFoundry.

Each CMS team has at most 5 members of different expertise. The deliverables are the website codes, the team report, and a presentation. According to criteria such as web usability, technique, user satisfaction, and visual design, the three judges evaluate the results [3]. If the NPO loves the result, it will be their new running website. The website work can be seen at:

  • - Best Web Standard Compliance and Team Professional
  • - Best Open Source Utilization and Team Performance
  • - Best User Satisfaction and Easy Maintenance

Joomla and Drupal team members are Taiwan-based, with one Drupal member participating online from Australia. Plone team is made possible by Jay Hotta and led by CMS Communications Inc. from Japan [4]. Through out the process, they also need to overcome the language barriers. The whole event is video recorded by csrCommunity [5]. There is also a follow-up gathering by late October, to find out the next steps.

  • [1] Idea from SXSW CMS showdown and NTC 09 Iron Chief
  • [2] ICOS 2009 website
  • [3] The whole event records
  • [4] Announcement to Plone-AsiaPacific
  • [5] Event Video

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