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Favorite Packages

Try Enfold Client to see if working for FTP/WebDAV

Package List

Patch-based Multi-view Stereo Software

papyrus: buildout to run multiple versions of documentation robot framework git repo = plone not collective

$ make serve bin/robot-server -v
22:00:12 [ wait ] Starting Zope 2 server
22:00:12 [ wait ] Set up plone.testing.zca.LayerCleanup
22:00:12 [ wait ] Set up plone.testing.z2.Startup (debug-mode=False)
22:00:12 [ wait ] Set up
22:00:23 [ wait ] Set up
22:00:23 [ wait ] Set up
22:00:23 [ wait ] Set up
22:00:23 [ wait ] Set up
22:00:23 [ wait ] Set up plone.testing.z2.ZServer
22:00:24 [ wait ] Set up
22:00:24 [ ready ] Started Zope 2 server

collective.js.speakjs: Text to Speech in JavaScript using eSpeak

hovercraft getpaid cfg example

relation browser widget ftw.dictstorage

collective.lazysizes: repository

wildcard.foldercontents: content filter

collective.contentstats: repository


collective.loremipsum: repository

eea.tags: repository

collective.cropimage: repository

Products.Maps: repository

collective.gavisits: repository enable default

Solgema.fullcalenadr: repository

collective.contentalerts: repository

collective.contentrules.imaging: repository

ftw.inflator: repository site setup wizard

collective.glossary collective.virtualtreecategories: repository

transmogrify.webcrawler: repository


transmogrify.siteanalyser: repository


collective.recipe.celery: repository

collective.z3cform.widgets: repository


atreal.mailservices ftw.publisher.sender




collective.js.bootstrap: repository Bootstrap Theme Generator

sphinx.plonetheme: repository

sphinxbuilder sphinx 使用 plugin 後可能導致 papyrus 無法作用 do not add .. code-block:: javascript to incomplete/invalid/example javascript, because the parser is strict and will not show them.

collective.login_monitor: repository



code illuminated: repository


collective.history: repository

cosent.guruscan: provides single-signon integration of the GuruScan webservice into a Plone installation.


sc.embedder rg.infocard: tabular field, its default value can be specified in the container

FunnelWeb is the tool you use when you have an old existing website that you want to crawl, extract the content and import into your shiny new plone instance. Funnelweb is very easy to get started with via a few settings in either buildout or the commandline. Funnelweb progresses crawler content through various steps to improve the quality of the final converted site. Each step and it's configuration options are well thought out and have proved useful on many site conversions over the years.

MediaCore is a media-oriented content manager, built with podcasting in mind. It has integrated the HTML5 video players to deliver exceptional mobile device support. Playing videos and podcast is made easy on the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. It has been developed using Pylons framework, MooTools Javascript framework, and SQLAlchemy/MySQL5. RedTurtle integrates with Plone.